• Cargotec – Vikram Nayak
  • New Business Ventures – Bjørn Rennemo
  • Askalon, Denmark – Klaus Høi
  • Dansac & Hollister – Camilla Pape
  • Omron – Thomas Jørgensen
  • Stryker – Johnny Eriksen
  • Holmris B8 – Martin Drost

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“Kjeld O. Morsbøl is an admirable and outstanding Trainer. I attended 3 Modules of Sales Training duly conducted by Kjeld and would like to mention that these Training Modules had been totally different from various Sales Training I have attended. Kjeld was instrumental in putting the entire processes of Sales Management through highly interactive sessions. The sessions had been always a two-way interaction and very seldom we had theory being put across.

I was very much impressed with Kjeld’s meticulous approach & attention is given in a detailed manner. He has got an exceptional quality in finding our weaknesses or where we fall short of his expectations, and he is very transparent in putting it across to us. He makes sure that we understand our potential and makes us come out with new ideas. Being an external trainer, he very well studied the company’s business, strategies & goals which are very unique and highly appreciable. This reflected in the way the Training Sessions were designed and executed. Also, he was sharp in analyzing our feedback and improving the training sessions next time.

His sound understanding of Sales Management and Business as a whole is one of his strengths which makes him an Excellent Trainer. It was a matter of pride and pleasure to get trained by Kjeld and I wish him all the very best for his entire future endeavours’….!!!”

Vikram Nayak, Head of Supply Chain Management, Cargotec India

“Kjeld is the epitome of professional competence. Extremely well prepared and organized. Fantastic targeted in achieving the objectives of his customers. Kjeld and Kjeld’s working methods are able, by comparative simple but very powerful tools, to make your efficiency increase instantly. I can only strongly recommend Kjeld’s services…”

Bjørn Rennemo, Director – New Business Ventures


“In the Danish department of the company Askalon we have in the period from January to April 2021 carried out 6 virtual training sessions, together with a follow-up Module ensuring the implementation of the tools and techniques from the training.

The objective with this training was to get the competences needed for maintaining the contact with our customer portfolio AND increasing this during this Covid-19-period. This journey has given us many AHA-experiences for the Team, not least a de-mystification of the virtual sales meetings. This already resulting in an “all-time-high” in the holding of this type of meetings in the month of March

Through his approach to this training Kjeld has managed to get everyone on board, both the brave young ones, as well as the little older ones doubting whether this really is necessary. His mix between short theories and lots of practical training has given both sweat on the forehead as well as smile on the faces – a perfect approach to my team of both new colleagues and older and more seasoned ones…. “

Klaus Høi, Country Manager Denmark, Askalon

“I know Kjeld through a project with BASF Coating Services having focus on the subject “WHO do you want to be”. Besides this I also used him for individual management coaching. Kjeld is an incredible clever, passionate, and lively “to-the-point-guy” in sessions like this. He keeps the intense process interesting and alive until the very end, and always makes sure we also talk about the more vulnerable subjects. He makes people talk and exudes security in a way that “disarms” you in a personal coaching session.

I will always keep the contact to him and – if possible – once again book him to facilitate bigger subjects such as “organisational critical issues”, “conflict handling”, and “individual coaching”. In my eyes Kjeld is a guy with both feet on the ground, having an enormous sense of empathy, security, safety, ballast, knowledge, and a lot of good experience making him signal trustworthiness and strength”

Camilla Pape, Team Leader Nordic, Dansac & Hollister

“This Covid-19-period has been giving us salespeople several huge challenges in our everyday life: – How do we keep our customers? How do we build on and develop our pipeline? What can we do to keep the enthusiasm, and how can we sales managers still motivate, challenge, and develop our sales personnel under the present circumstances?

After having been in the mangle of Kjeld through the SDI-tool myself, we have now started 1-to-1-training programmes with our salespeople after which they deliver much better sales results, increase in their customer pipelines, together with an improved passion in their everyday sales efforts! We have built a “common language” in our sales department, knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses even better, thus getting the TEAM-SPIRIT I wanted in my organization”

Thomas Jørgensen, Area Sales Manager, Omron

“Getting the best out of every sales situation and having focus on the right relations is always a challenge. Which approach should we use for which customer? – we have countless possibilities. As Team Manager I wanted to ensure optimal utilization of the strengths in my team, and at the same time make sure the team members learn from each other.

These where the challenges I had and got solved via the programme conducted by Kjeld Olav. Despite having a team with lots of different personalities, we have now found a common language to be used both internally and externally. We know each other’s strengths through which we now control both processes and projects even more goal directed. Our approach to the customers is now consistent ensuring optimal customer satisfaction”

Johnny Eriksen, Regional Sales Manager, Stryker

“Through a couple of years, I have had Kjeld Morsbøl as a sparring partner optimizing my sales development. My experience is a kind of transformation from being sales rep to becoming an advisor. Especially the ability to find added value for my customers has been made visible to me during this training and sparring. This has increased my sales – and earnings – dramatically. Something most people would appreciate. I can highly recommend Kjeld both as sparring partner/trainer, but also a nice and warm person who is interested in you as a person, and also follows up on whether the inputs given works or not”

Martin Drost, Corporate Account Manager, Holmris B8


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